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Can I Buy VigRX Plus at Walgreens?

VigRX Plus at WalgreensWalgreens is America’s largest drug retailing chain. It operates over 8,217 stores across the US. It stocks lots of products for health including products for sexual health.

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not stock VigRX Plus. In fact you you cannot find VigRX Plus at any retailer in the US, as the manufacturer only sells it via their online site.

There are in fact some online retailers that stock VigRX Plus but this can be risky. We have read cases where people have purchased VigRX Plus from retailers on Amazon or on eBay where the VigRX Plus product turns out to be counterfeit. While this is financially a waste, more importantly buying counterfeit products can potentially be very risky for your health.

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Ordering VigRX Plus online

We recommend that if you want to buy VigRX Plus you should order it through the official website. There are several benefits to this:

  • By ordering it directly from the manufacturer you can be assured it is authentic VigRX Plus
  • The manufacturer offers lots of special discounts
  • Purchasing directly from the manufacturer gives you a full money back guarantee (minus shipping costs) within the first 60 days – no questions asked
  • By ordering it straight from the manufacturer you are guaranteed the best price as there is no mark up price

VigRX Plus Counterfeit

Look for the verification code on the package

Counterfeit VigRX Plus

Unfortunately the success and popularity of VigRX Plus means there are people who are trying to make a quick buck out of this product. With counterfeit VigRX Plus now in circulation the manufacturer had to introduce an authentication process to help customers verify that the product they are taking is authentic. This started in December 2012 and all VigRX Plus manufactured and packaged since then comes with an authentication code. All you need to is go to their website to confirm the code. If you have a box from before December 2012  it could still be authentic, you will just have to make some additional checks.


VigRX Plus discounts

As you can see, there are several benefits to ordering VigRX plus directly from the manufacturer. One important benefit is that they have excellent discounts as you purchase larger supplies.

  • For a 2 months supply you save $10
  • For a 3 months supply you save $25
  • For a 4 months supply you save $40
  • For a 5 months supply you save $55
  • For a 6 months supply you save $77
  • For a 1 years supply (called the Diamond Package) you save $434

These are great savings – you would not get these types of discounts going through a retailer!

VigRX Plus Discount

Summary – Buying VigRX Plus at Walgreens

Even though Walgreens is the largest drug retailer in the country, you will not be able to purchase it there unfortunately. In fact VigRX Plus is not stocked at any retailers, including large chains like GNC, CVS and even Walmart.

So if you are keen to try VigRX Plus, go their website, and order VigRX Plus directly from the manufacturer.

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