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Can You Buy VigRX Plus at Walmart?

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Walmart is America’s largest retail chain. It has millions of products and indeed many sexual health products as well. But does Walmart stock the popular VigRX Plus supplement? You will find many male and female supplements at Walmart, but not VigRX Plus. Read on to find out why and the alternative way to order VigRX Plus.


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About Walmart

There’s probably not too much to say about Walmart that people don’t know already. It is the largest retail chain in America and indeed even the largest publicly owned corporation in the world. It has over 11,000 stores and clubs and operates in 28 countries. They have literally millions of products on their shelves. They do offer many sexual health products and indeed other popular supplements like Extenze. But they simply do not stock VigRX Plus and this is the same for all major retailers.

Walmart does have an online marketplace (similar to Amazon) where different retailers use the Walmart platform to market and sell their products. We have seen retailers sell VigRX Plus on this platform (typically small, unknown retailers) and you will see them on Google results as well. Our advice is to avoid purchasing via these marketplaces as there is a risk of counterfeit VigRX Plus and besides they won’t be offering better prices than if you buy directly from the manufacturer Leading Edge Health. More about this below.

Leading Edge Health

Leading Edge Health is the manufacturer of a line of sexual and anti-ageing products and VigRX Plus is one of their flagship products. The company has taken a decision to sell their products only through online channels so you simply won’t find VigRX Plus sold at any retailers. They must be purchased directly from the company. While this is obviously a business decision from Leading Edge Health, buying VigRX Plus directly from them has many advantages.

No risk of counterfeit VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus Counterfeit

Look for the verification code on the package

In the past, Leading Edge Health had problems with counterfeit VigRX Plus on the market. Typically you would only see this kind of thing with prescription or over the counter drugs, but even popular supplements like VigRX Plus have experienced this. Consuming a counterfeit supplement isn’t just a waste of money – it is potentially a serious health risk. A few years ago, Leading Edge Health introduced a verification code system whereby users can verify the authenticity of VigRX Plus by calling a number. While this is great, it still does highlight the risks of counterfeit VigRX Plus, and the best way to really guarantee safe authentic supply is to get it directly online from Leading Edge Health.

Order VigRX Plus directly from Leading Edge Health now

VigrX Plus Discounts

Leading Edge Health offer great bulk discounts when purchasing VigRX Plus online. The savings start at $10 for a 2 months supply and go up to $434 for a whole years supply. Also keep in mind that by ordering directly from them you are skipping the middleman keeping the price down. These are the savings for bulk purchases:

  • For a 2 months supply you save $10
  • For a 3 months supply you save $25
  • For a 4 months supply you save $40
  • For a 5 months supply you save $55
  • For a 6 months supply you save $77
  • For a 1 years supply (called the Diamond Package) you save $434

67 Day Money Back Guarantee

When buying directly from the manufacturer you 67-day full money back guarantee. So if you change your mind for any reason with the first couple of months you can return it, no questions asked. You will still have to pay for the post though.

Disadvantages buying online

The only thing that I would say is a disadvantage about getting it online is that maybe you don’t want other people in your household to see that you are using this type of supplement. It’s a very private thing and it can be embarrassing. If you could buy it in a store at least you could do it discretely, but if something comes in the mail you never know when it will arrive. The good thing however, is that VigRX Plus is delivered in a plain discrete package with a shipping label that does NOT identify the contents.


Bottom line of this post is – if you have decided you want to give VigRX Plus a try, you simply cannot buy it a physical retailer. You won’t find it at Walmart, GNC, Walgreen or any other store. You need to order it online directly from Leading Edge Health. Good luck!

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