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Thinking About Buying VigRX Plus on Amazon? – Read This First

VigRX Plus AmazonVigRX Plus is a popular and successful product. Years of research has gone into formulating and perfecting VigRX Plus and clinical studies have shown evidence of its effectiveness. But with this success, there are people out there who want to make a quick buck and there have been fakes and counterfeits circulating. As you know eBay and Amazon are vast marketplaces with lots of suppliers. So is it a good idea to buy VigRX Plus on Amazon? Here is some information and advice to ensure you are using safe, authentic VigRX Plus.

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How does Amazon work?

First thing to understand is how exactly the Amazon marketplace works. Amazon is different from other e-commerce companies that stocks and sells all the products that are published on their site. Amazon operates a multi-level marketplace, so when you search for products on Amazon you are not necessarily finding products sold directly by Amazon but also by thousands of sole traders and businesses around the country (and world!).  In fact there are more  than two million small businesses, world-class retail brands and individual sellers selling to millions of potential customers via Amazon!

This helps increase the amount of products available, but also provides price competition keeping prices down for customers. Now while generally this is a good thing, the problem is that for a product like VigRX Plus, which has had issues with the circulation of fake VigRX Plus, it means there is a risk of these sole traders and businesses stocking fake VigRX Plus. In fact, there have actually been cases of suppliers selling counterfeit VigRX Plus on sites like Amazon and ebay. You don’t want to risk taking fake versions of VigRX Plus as you can never know what they contain. At best you are simply wasting money and there is no effect, but at worst it could damage your health.

VigRX Plus on Amazon screenshot

There are indeed some suppliers on Amazon that stock VigRX Plus.

How do I know if it is authentic VigRX Plus?

VigRX Plus on Amazon

Look for the verification code on the package

The manufacturer of VigRX Plus, Leading Edge Health, now has a code featured prominently on its packaging for consumers to verify its authenticity. This was enstated in December 2012, so the first thing you want to do is check for the verification code on the packaging. When you receive your VigRX Plus you just need to go the official VigRX Plus website and enter the verification code to confirm. This will confirm that the product is authentic, manufactured at their GMP compliant facility in the US and certified through health and safety regulations.

This doesn’t mean that all VigRX Plus manufactured before December 2012 are counterfeit. There is still VigRX Plus from before December 2012 in circulation and chances are they will be the real thing.


So what are the signs that the VigRX Plus is counterfeit?

So if you have VigRX Plus that has been manufactured before December 2012, there are a few things you can check to ensure authenticity. These are some indicators that could imply it is counterfeit

  • The advertised price is less than the official discount packaging rates on the VigRX Plus website
  • It contains a white power
  • It doesn’t have a Leading Edge Health (the manufacturer) barcode on the packaging


Why Should I be concerned if the VigRX Plus is counterfeit?

The real VigRX Plus has natural ingredients specially formulated to boost your sexual performance. It is unknown what fake VigRX Plus contains and it not worth risking your health over this. At best, a counterfeit VigRX Plus will have no effect on your sexual performance, but at worst it could have unwanted and dangerous side effects.


Conclusion – Should I Buy VigRX Plus on Amazon?

Using fake VigRX Plus can be risky. At best, these counterfeit products have no effect but at worst, who knows what side effects they can cause.

Yes, you can buy VigRX Plus on eBay and Amazon. Some of these suppliers could be offering the real thing. But there is a risk they are not.

There are ways to check if your VigRX Plus is counterfeit or not, but our recommendation is to buy VigRX Plus in the simplest and safest way with the least risk – namely to buy it directly online from the manufacturer. You will absolutely know you are getting the real thing, and on top of that there are various other advantages to buy it directly from Leading Edge Health:

  • You get their full 60 day money-back guarantee – no questions asked
  • You are skipping out all the middlemen – you are guaranteed to get the best VigRX plus price on their website
  • They also have great bulk purchase discounts with savings up to $490 per year

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