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Promotion – Get 10% off with this VigRX Plus Coupon Code

VigRX Plus Coupon codeDealing with erectile dysfunction or simply trying to enhance your sex life is not a cheap thing to do. There are different solutions out there but they will all cost you money. It’s always useful to take advantage of any discounts available for consumers. Lucky for you, we have an exclusive promotion code for VigRX plus, only available for a limited time. This VigRX Plus coupon code will give you a 10% discount off any VigRX Plus purchase!

This discount is only valid until 31st October 2016 so ensure you redeem your coupon soon!

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VigRX Plus Coupon code

The VigRX Plus coupon code you need to use is ‘vplus10’.

In the order form page, there is a section for Coupon Code. When you put in the code here, click Apply and it will automatically apply the code to your current selection in the order form and you will see the discount being applied.

VigRX Plus coupon code on order form

This is where you enter the coupon code on the order form.

Here is a breakdown of the costs with the 10% discount.

Diamond package (1 year supply) – Normally $489.99, now $440.99 with the discount code

6 Month supply: Normally $384.99, but $346.49 with the discount code

5 Month supply: Normally $329.99, but $296.99 with the discount code

4 Month supply: Normally $267.99, but $241.19 with the discount code

3 Month supply: Normally $205.99, but $185.39 with the discount code

2 Month supply: Normally $143.99, but $129.591 with the discount code

1 month supply: Normally $76.99,  but $69.291 with the discount code
The manufacturer of VigRX Plus Leading Edge Health already offers all kinds of discount for bulk purchases so this additional 10% is on top of that.


VigRX Plus Benefits

VigRX Plus Coupon codeGetting a good deal on VigRX Plus is great, but don’t forget why you were interested in the first place. It’s easy to get overly excited because of the price, but remember there are many benefits to VigRX Plus that make this promotion all the more special.

  • Its clinically proven so you know VigRX Plus is reliable and will show results
  • There is no need for a prescription
  • A full money back guarantee is available if you are unhappy for any reason with the product
  • All natural ingredients

Remember this discount code is only available for a limited time so go to the Leading Edge Health website and place your order now!

Again, the VigRX Plus coupon code is vplus10.

Oh and please don’t share this with anyone – this is exclusive for the visitors of this site. Thank you!

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