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VigRX Plus Price Comparison – Comparing with Viagra and Extenze

VigRX Plus Price comparisonThere are so many products in the male enhancement/erectile dysfunction market and it can be difficult and confusing to sort through all the information and claims of different suppliers. One of the main factors when deciding which product you want to buy (as is with any purchase anyone makes) is price. We wanted to make it clear and transparent about the different costs of different products. We chose here to compare the three biggest suppliers of male enhancement products on the market for our VigRX Plus Price Comparison – Viagra, VigRX Plus and Extenze.

Firstly a bit of advice before reading on – while price is certainly important, it should not be the only factor in your consideration. This is a market where you will find many unrealistic claims and unscrupulous suppliers, so we encourage you to think always consider other factors, most importantly the safety of the product and the clinical evidence behind the product. For this reason we have also added a second table which shows the prices against other important factors.


VigRX Plus ReviewsVigRX Plus Price Comparison

To make things simple we have compared the cost of a 1 month supply, 6 month supply and 12 month supply.

To calculate a monthly cost for Viagra, we have assumed a monthly consumption of 8 pills/month. As you know, Viagra is taken each time before intercourse (once per day max) while VigRX Plus and Extenze are daily supplements. So for Viagra, this equates to 2 pills/week which we feel is ‘generally’ how often it might be used by a couple. Of course this will depend on what type of couple you are, how long you have been together etc!

These prices are all in $US.

[table id=1 /]

Going strictly by price, for 1 and 6 month supplies Extenze seems to be the cheapest option. If you decide to purchase something for a longer period the 1 year discount for VigRX Plus is however cheaper. VigRX Plus has a 1 year package called the Diamond Package which provides $434 in savings!

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Price against other factors

We have now added some other important factors (scientific evidence, side effects, money back guarantee, prescription requirements) into the following table, to give a more holistic view of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

[table id=2 /]

Clinical evidence

After price, for us the most important factor here is the evidence behind each product. As we mentioned this is a market that attracts lots of counterfeits and unscrupulous suppliers. If a product has clinical studies to support it and have published the results of those studies, that is a huge advantage. Viagra obviously has the highest level of evidence to back up its claims. It is FDA approved and prescribed by doctors the world over. After Viagra, VigRX Plus has strong evidence-based claims and has published results of these studies on their website. It is also a very reliable option. Extenze has not published any information about clinical studies.


If we take all factors in consideration we feel VigRX Plus is the best option out of the three. It has the cheapest long term cost (remember this is something you may be using indefinitely), and has strong clinical evidence supporting its effectiveness. Overall in terms of value for money, we would recommend VigRX Plus as a great choice to combat erectile dysfunction.

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