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Where to Buy VigRX Plus – What Are The Options?

Where to buy VigRX PlusSo maybe you have made up your mind, and now you just want to know where to buy VigRX Plus. VigRX Plus is a popular product and you will find suppliers on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Physical retailers generally do not stock VigRX Plus. So where is the best place to buy VigRX Plus?

>>Order VigRX Plus from the official website<<

Buy VigRX Plus from the manufacturer

Ordering VigRX Plus online directly from the manufacturer has many benefits. These include:

  • Without the mark up price of a retailer you can be sure you are getting the cheapest price
  • You can take advantage of the manufacturer’s full money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with VigRX Plus, you can return it within the first 60 days and you will get a full refund (minus shipping costs) no questions asked
  • VigRX Plus pills are delivered with discrete packaging
  • You can be assured that what you are receiving is fully authentic VigRX Plus – no risk of counterfeit product
  • The official VigRX Plus website has excellent discounts if you want to order a supply for longer periods

Buy VigRX Plus on Amazon?

VigRX Plus is a popular and successful product. Unfortunately this means that there will be people out there trying to take advantage of this.  There have been cases of people who have ordered VigRX Plus from Amazon or ebay suppliers which have turned out to be counterfeit product. This isn’t only a waste of money, but it is potentially dangerous putting unknown substances into your body. Be very careful if you are ordering from any online suppliers.

Buy VigRX Plus at GNC, Walgreens or Walmart?

We aren’t aware of any physical retailers that are stocking VigRX Plus. Large retailers like Walgreens GNC, CVS (even Walmart) do not stock VigRX Plus. In the UK the largest retailer in this space is Holland and Barrett and they don’t stock it either. It is worth saying that retailers like GNC and Walgreens do stock various sexual health products for both men and women. These are worth having a look at. However if you are specifically looking for VigRX Plus you need to look elsewhere.

Be careful when buying VigRX Plus - counterfeit

Look for the verification code on the package

Counterfeit VigRX Plus

When the manufacturer of VigRX Plus, Leading Edge Health discovered that counterfeit versions of VigRX Plus were being circulated they were forced in December 2012 to introduce packaging with verification codes. So when you have a box of VigRX Plus you need to go to the official VigRX Plus website to confirm authenticity with your verification code. If you have a box that was produced before December 2012 however it won’t have a verification code, so you will have to do some other checks. The following are indicators that you may have a counterfeit product:

  • The advertised price is below the official discount packaging on the official VigRX Plus website
  • The pills contain white powder
  • The package doesn’t have a Leading Edge Health barcode on the packaging

The best way to avoid counterfeit VigRX Plus is simply to order directly from the manufacturer.


We definitely recommend ordering VigRX Plus directly from their official website. It is simply the cheapest and SAFEST way to buy VigRX Plus. You would’t want to risk ordering from somewhere else if there is a chance it might be counterfeit. And don’t forget by ordering from the manufacturer you get a full money back guarantee if you are unhappy with VigRX Plus.

>>Order VigRX Plus from the official website<<

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